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Future work

  • Validate BFO based ontologies against BFO FOL
  • Compare theorem prover performance OWL vs FOL
  • Compare satisfiability performance OWL vs FOL
  • Compare concept satisfiability (coherence?) of OWL vs FOL.
    • check whether all classes in an ontology may be instantiated at the same time.
  • Support heterogenous OWL / FOL modelling with OWL annotations
  • Theoretical question: What FOL formulas may be to OWL added, while still guaranteeing consistency. (Motivation: OWL consistency checking is easy, FOL consistency checking is hard. Hence, if we could show that the consistency is preserved, it would make heterogenous modelling better)
  • Theory Interpolation approximating FOL in OWL.
  • Generating an OWL proof (= justification in OWL, axiom pinpointing) a FOL proof.